Book Review: ชวนถกชาติและชาติพันธุ์

Bank Ngamarunchot


According to author Niti Pawakapan, this book was written to explain ethnicity and raise arguments about this concept3 . Many issues are delivered through the book, but readers may categorize the topics into (1) definitions and theoretical
debates between primordialism and constructivism on ethnicity; (2) relationships between ethnicities and materialistic economic issues during the pre-nationalization
period; (3) relationship between ethnicities and nationalism; (4) nationalization as an unfinished project and a politics of identities; and (5) future research. To provide highly realistic examples, Niti offers numerous cases where the concepts
as mentioned earlier can be applied to selected historical epochs in Southeast Asia. The contributions of the book will be discussed in this article after the broad scope of the book had been thoroughly reviewed.

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